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Waiting Room Before and After Pictures

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

We thought all of you who remember looking through the front windows of the Coca-Cola Building and watching the Coke bottles pass on the conveyor belt would be interested in this history. We found out during demolition and through numerous accounts from locals that the wall across from the large windows is not an original wall to the building. We believe the original area held the conveyor belt where the Coke bottles were washed, sterilized, filled, and capped. The concrete block wall was later added to block noise from the warehouse into the office space near the front windows when the use of the original conveyor belt was discontinued. This is our main waiting room in our PDC office.  It is an exciting place for our patients and their parents to feel welcome and comfortable.  This area features an incredible themed wall with a television and book nook as well as a fan-favorite kid-sized door to enter the hygiene bay.  There is also be a large indoor play set for kids to enjoy while their parents complete any paperwork. The old, dark curtains have been removed and tons of natural light has been replaced in this area.  Our pediatric patients are full of life and we want the main waiting area to reflect their excitement as well as be comfortable for their parents!

Before and During Renovations of the Waiting Room

After Pictures of the Waiting Room

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