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Giving "sugar bugs" the brush-off!

Giving sugar bugs the brush off

As parents, we are always looking to do better for our kids! So, we asked our amazing team members what questions they get most often. Today is the first of our new fun series - Tooth Truths!

Janet, one of our awesome Registered Dental Hygienists is up first!

Her FAQ is: When can my child brush by themselves?

Children will need help brushing until they are at least 8 years old. For younger children, it may be that you need to brush their teeth after they are asleep. For older children, let them brush first and then follow up with a quick check and touch-up, especially for the back teeth.

Brush all the way to the back to get rid of all of the sugar-bugs (plaque and food). Adding a quick brush of their tongue can also help with bad breath (caused by the same bacteria). Remember - twice a day for 2 minutes, for everyone!

For more information about brushing, fluoride, and flossing - visit the Prevention page on the new PDC website!

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