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The Totals are In!

64 hair donors contributed 130 ponytails for a total of 107.14 feet of hair!! 💇🏽😁💕👍🏻

  November 1st will be a day we will never forget. Our community came together to support, love, honor, and remember those who are currently fighting cancer as well as those who have won their battle with cancer. People of all ages and walks of life came to donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths as well as donate financially to Jay's HOPE Foundation. Thanks to our community, numerous women and children with cancer will be able to feel a little more like themselves. 💇🏽💁

A HUGE thanks to all the hair donors. I hope you all know the impact you have made. We cannot thank you enough for your generous and kind hearts! Please click "Like" to tell them THANKS for their donation!!

💕"There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer." 💕

Anna Clements Dorman Lauren Weeks Luke Webster Kay Lewis Walker Emily Walker Mallory Walker Kimble Marchant Lee Coleman Laura Jasmine Duarte Heather Childers Jana Webster Maria Hernandez  Lisa Smith Hester  Gabby Spikes Matt Marsh Nerily Lopez Richard Romberger Becca Rakestraw Jessica Dickens Braswell Joselyn Leija  Jennifer Herzog Ava Kelly Denise Marie Ferrari Brandi Williams Christen Crapps Fields Marcia Staub Mackenzie Greene  Shannon Roberson McDaniel Wanda Smith Alejandra Lopez  Carmen Corken Allie Mobley Marlee Schwartz Melissa Harris Crowe Scout Holt Norah Campbell Norah Monfort Piper Monfort Blake Branch Charla Futrill Faith Fogle Lori Hickerson Bargeron Brittany Petsch Kayla N Chad Dunn Ashley Parrish Billie Jo Abney Lyla Moore Calla Joiner  Kelly Fresh Ansley Hutto  Sarah Hutto Savannah Cole Victoria Ratliff Janie Rousey Angie Tucker 

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