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What is Phase One Orthodontics?

Phase One, or early interceptive treatment, is orthodontic treatment (i.e. expansion, active retainer or partial braces) that is done before all of the permanent teeth have erupted, and often occurs between the ages of six and ten. Phase I treatment is recommended by Dr. Marshall when there is a moderate or severe orthodontic problem that should not wait until later to be treated.  

The goal of Phase One Treatment is to develop the child's jaws to make room for the future eruption of permanent teeth and to improve the relationship of the upper and lower jaws. An upper or lower jaw that is growing too much or not enough can benefit from this early orthodontic treatment. This early correction can often prevent dental trauma, later removal of permanent teeth or even jaw surgery. Leaving a severe condition untreated until all permanent teeth erupt could result in a problem too severe to correct with braces alone. The treatment time for Phase One treatment is usually between 9-15 months. After this, patients wear retainers and are checked every four to six months while waiting for the remaining permanent teeth to erupt. 

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