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Once your child's teeth begin touching, it is imperative to begin flossing.  The space between teeth are too narrow for a toothbrush to adequately reach and this creates a trap where bacteria can hide.  Bacteria and food can settle between the teeth, which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and halitosis (bad breath).  To prevent the development of these and other issues, it is important to FLOSS YOUR CHILD'S TEETH AT LEAST ONCE A DAY!

Our dental hygienists are always on hand to assist and guide, and will happily teach parents and children how to use dental floss properly.  Our hygienists and pediatric dentists highly recommend Plackers Flossers in lieu of traditional floss for children as it is much easier for small fingers to hold.  We sell Placker Flossers in our dental store. Pick up a pack next time you are here!

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